Sunday School


Question: I attend the morning "Worship Service", why should I attend a Sunday School Class?...

Answer: We are so glad you asked! It's the best place to build relationships with others as well as a place where you are cared for, known, and loved. Attending a Sunday School Class will also give you a better opportunity to get to know HGBC and grow as a Christian. Classes meet at 9:45am every Sunday morning. We cherish the opportunity to get to know you!

Our desire for you is more than just attendance at Higher Ground. We know, however, that it’s so easy to feel lost and disconnected in a large church. Here at Higher Ground, we hope to make the big church smaller through our Sunday School classes. These small groups gather together for weekly Bible Study with the purpose to"connect" you with a caring community of other believers. While we greatly value the preaching of God’s word in corporate worship, we also value each individual living the Word in relationships with other members. Sunday School classes provides the environment for you to put names with faces, become better acquainted with other believers, and share the joys and sorrows of life with those who call Higher Ground their home. If God is leading you to be a part of this church, then let us help you take the next step in getting connected. We have classes for all ages, birth through Senior Adult.  

Sunday School Mission
Each class is a community of believers that exists to INVITE people into the family of faith, to help them DISCOVER God’s Word, and to CONNECT WITH them through relationships.” 
Connect Group Tasks
1. Reach People
2. Teach People
3. Minister to People

Below you will find a list of our Adult Sunday School classes and their location. 



Co-Ed Department

Class: Co-Ed 20 - 30   Teacher: Gary and Julie Johnson, Todd Potter Class Location: C- 209

Class: Co-Ed 40 – 49  Teacher: Lisa Neeley Co-Teacher: Shea Payne Class Location: B-206-207

Class: Co-Ed 50 – 54  Teacher: David Merrill Co-Teacher: Eddie Lane Class Location: B-201

Class: Co-Ed 50 – 54 Teacher: Scott Tester Class Location: B-215

Class: Co-Ed 55 – 59 Teacher: Gene Allison Class Location: B-211

Class: Co-Ed 55 – 59 Teacher: Roger Cross Class Location: B-208

Class: Co-Ed 55 – 59 Teacher: Gerry McConnell Class Location: B-210

Class: Co-Ed 60 & Up Teacher: Dennis Linkous Class Location: B-216

Class: Co-Ed 60 & Up Teacher: R.V. McConnell Class Location: B-106

Single’s Department

Class: Single 19 – 24  Teacher: Nick and Karianne McPheron Co-Teacher Brad Dayvolt Class Location: FLC Conference Room

Men’s Department

Class: Men 60 & Up Teacher: Jim Fletcher Co-Teacher: Edgar Roach  Class Location: B-105

Ladies Department

Class: Ladies 50 – 59 Teacher: Iva Jean Rogers Class Location: B-217

Class: Ladies 50 – 59 Teacher: Sherry Pepin Class Location: B

Class: Ladies 60 & Up Teacher: Joyce Hillman Co-Teacher: Norma Livesay Class Location: B-102 – 103

Class: Ladies 60 & Up Teacher: Elizabeth Looney Co-Teacher: Wilma Pyle Class Location: B-104

Ladies Class Teacher: Brenda Isaacs Class Location: B-209

Couple’s Department

Class: Couples 50 – 59 Teacher: Dale Vaughn Class Location: B-212-B-213

Class: Couples 60 & Up Teacher: Joe Herron Co-Teacher: Susan Bennett Class Location: B-202