Registration is now open for our Spring 2019 Grow Classes. Scroll down this page and select the class you would like to attend and then use the registration form at the bottom of this page to register online.

All Class Rooms are in the Family Life Center and a directory of class location with room numbers will be in the lobby of Family Life Center.

Wednesday Grow Classes

We encourage everyone who can to join us on Wednesday evening for Bible Study. We offer classes that cover a range of Bible Studies. If you don't see something you like, feel free to contact Nicky Woodfin and let her know about a class you would like to see offered at HGBC.

These classes are scheduled to begin on February 13, 2019 @ 6:30pm. 
Class locations will be posted at the front desk in the family life center.


Baptist Faith and Message – Dallas Gibson


Cost- FREE


This study examines in detail the 18 doctrines outlined in the Baptist Faith and Message statement. Combining biblical insight with historical and contemporary illustrations, the authors help you understand essential Baptist beliefs, identify the biblical foundation for these beliefs, and apply the beliefs to your Christian walk.



 Kingdom Disciples – Eddie Lane


Cost - $12


Kingdom Disciples calls believers and churches back to our primary, divinely ordained responsibility to be disciples and to make disciples. Only when we take this assignment seriously will the world see heaven at work on earth.

Through this Bible study, participants will learn:
• What a disciple is
• What a disciple cares about
• How to be a disciple and make disciples
• What discipleship looks like in community with other believers
• What the impact of discipleship on the world can be 



 Boundaries – Sherry Pepin


Cost - $10


Christians often focus so much on being loving and giving that they forget their own limits and limitations. Have you ever found yourself wondering: Can I set limits and still be a loving person? How do I answer someone who wants my time, love, energy, or money? Why do I feel guilty when I consider setting boundaries? Boundaries are personal property lines that define who you are and who you are not, and influence all areas of your life - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.


Unpacking ten laws of boundaries, Drs. Cloud and Townsend show you how to bring new health to your relationships. You'll discover firsthand how sound boundaries give you the freedom to walk as the loving, giving, fulfilled individual God created you to be.




Financial Peace – Brian Barkley


Cost - $90


The course that will teach you how to pay off debt, master budgeting, and plan for your future. Take control of your money with this proven plan.



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Wednesday Grow Class Registration February 2019

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