HGBC News

      As you may know, over the last two years we have continued to work hard to upgrade and improve the appearance of our church campus. 
      I'ts almost time for school to start back. Make your plans to join us for our BACK TO SCHOOL BASH 2019! We are planning a fun day to help you and your family gear up for the return to school.
      Why? It is a question that we ask whenever we want to gauge the value of something to us. We ask why when we don’t see the point, or to see if there in fact is a point. 
      If you didn't get a chance to visit us to see the drama live, or if you would just like to watch it again, you can view it here for a limited time.

    Up Coming Events

    If you are a regular viewer of our services, which service do you use to watch our services?

    • Internet/ Live Stream 45% (45%)
    • Internet/ Facebook 17% (17%)
    • Television 38% (38%)

    Where do you live?

    • Tennessee 70% (70%)
    • Virginia 16% (16%)
    • West Virginia 2% (2%)
    • Kentucky 4% (4%)
    • North Carolina 2% (2%)
    • Other US State 6% (6%)
    • Foreign Country 0% (0%)